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META-STICKY - Resources and helpful threads


There were too many sticky threads.  I have collected them all into this meta-sticky.  
Many of these threads are themselves lists of other helpful threads.  
If anyone wants to format and organize everything, let me know.

Torque Console Commands
A great torque functions guide!
Using forceRequiredAddon to avoid duplicating datablocks
Official Coding Resources Thread (10/23/2015)
Package/Parent Syntax Tutorial
Event System - Register Inputs/Outputs
eulerToAxis / axisToEuler

[Tutorial]Making Add-Ons With Blender(Not Modeling)
[RESOURCE] List of modder's tools and tutorials!
[RESOURCE] Big List of tutorials.

[Resource/Beta 0.4] Custom Player Animations
>> GameMode Reference <<
[RESOURCE] Default Weapon, Vehicle, Tool & Player Models
Mission Editor
BLB Brick Format Reference
GUIDE - How to create icons for bricks and bots automatically.

[GUIDE] How to make Blockland-compatible music files

[Blender Plugin] New DTS/DSQ importer and exporter (added WIP FAQ)

Cool beans. Very useful.

Now there's not 20 stickied threads in every board :)

Very useful for learners like me, I always lose the Coding Resources Thread.

Excellent. If I continue being interested in modeling, I'll need this.
Also holy stuff this got moved to Gen. Discussion subforum


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