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I think I'm dreaming right now.

I think I'm dreaming right now.
What are you saying?! You think we're weird, huh?!!

What are you saying?! You think we're weird, huh?!!
No, I think you're wierd!!

I rode toothless through the sky

today i dreamed that someone with a stuffty username hosted a very popular blockland server where everyone was trapped in a hole and kept exploding and dyibg. the environment was nice though

i had a dream i saw a thread where weird was misspelled in the title
Wait . . 

I was with this group of scientists who were all in this old abandoned brick building
And they were all gathered by this wall
And they brought over this trough looking thing and set it against the wall
Then they brought this huge machine over and fired a laser at the wall. Then this portal opened up and this liquid started pouring out into the trough.
I was helping hold the trough and some of the liquid spilled on me and other guys. Then the laser stopped and the portal clised
I then started to see these colors and patterns like I had just dropped acid
And I found out it was that liquid that was doing it.
They had me lay on a couch and go to sleep to let the effects ware off
Then when I woke up everyone was gone
I kept looking around but no one was there
Then I headed something
And I turned a corner and there were these really tall people who basically skeletons but still had a thin layer of grey skin.
I had to run away and get out but I couldn't find the exit
But suddenly the scientists grabbed me and took me out of the building to the one next door
They told me that those things had come from the other dimension