Author Topic: who would you share a coke with?  (Read 1615 times)

with her if she was still here

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i'd share a coke with donald Annoying Orange

no one coke is awful why would i make anyone drink it

I bought a coke at guitar club a few weeks ago. My friend Michael got a coke that said "Share a Coke with David". My name's David. I got a coke that, surprisingly, said "Share a Coke with Michael". It was pretty cool, we exchanged drinks.

It'd be funnier if we both got a "Share a Coke with David" because I'd take his and walk away

I'd share one with whoever came up with this marketing campaign.

And I don't really mean share. I mean I would waterboard him with it. I don't really like soda.

There's a few people I would do coke with

I'd share a pepsi instead.