Author Topic: Blockland Thanksgiving  (Read 6793 times)

Nobody likes ad fly.

ik just joke that he gets money with that xD

I posted a no-adfly link
Thanks, but I'm sure he's upset over the OP's use of an adfly link in the first place.

I'm imagining a DM with people throwing those giant forks at each other
may the forks be with you

funny thing is i actually forgot people in the US celebrate thanksgiving in november so i looked at this and thought "goddamn you're late"

Just out of curiosity, but doesn't it count as a referral link?

forks or back-scratchers?
either way i like it

Okay this looks better but holy sh!t are those forks big.

Might as well be spears.

A mans gotta' eat.

honestly my fav holiday pack by gothboy. despite whatever flak hes been getting lately, he can do good mods.