Author Topic: Bloktopia Freeplay Returns! AGAIN! (Limitedbricks thing solved)  (Read 657 times)

Server's down for a while due to technical difficulties. By a while I mean indefinitely, and by technical difficulties, I mean I can't get these addons to do what I want!

Hey everyone, Bloktopia freeplay, my server, has returned! It's a simple enough server...It's not quite freebuild, since I have the Limited Bricks addon, but it won't be too hard to get most bricks, hopefully. This is because I want you to not have some broken bricks (The lighting is wrong due to a modelling error, but they're required for other addons.) With LimitedBricks, you have to blow up bricks in builds to get bricks to place. To do this, you join a minigame (Marked "Brick Collection") and grab some bombs.

I repeat. You MUST join the minigame to get bricks, otherwise, you can't build. Anything too large to be destroyed by 2x size players throwing bombs will be running around in the form of a bot if I want you to have them.

-Bedroom StaticMap!
-Hand-picked addons! I'm fairly picky, relatively.
-Cool planes & cars!
-VCE and Zones!
-JVS Doors! Because why not? It's not *that* many events!
-Server-wide ambience! Or music, if that's what y'all vote for.
-No, you don't have to pay real money for bricks, those two posts were people misunderstanding, limitedbricks lets you spend minigame points on bricks but that's disabled!

The point is building cool stuff and having fun with other players.
Some rules:
Don't make unfindable builds.
Don't be a jerk.
Don't spam text, bricks, bots, vehicles, etc, or bother people by uselessly attacking them.
DO have fun! Or don't, I can't force you to. I hope you have fun though, I'm trying to make it fun!

It's just SuperSuit12's Bloktopia Freeplay on the server list, I don't know how to set up an IP for it.

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Note: Limited bricks is not the greatest. I'm working on a solution.

Pics pls
Also, what do you mean you set a price to bricks?
Do we have to pay for them now??

Pics pls
Also, what do you mean you set a price to bricks?
Do we have to pay for them now??

There's a system inside the limitedbricks addon that allows you to spend points from minigames on bricks, but anyone could set up something to give them infinite points. Note that it says "for now brick are infinite." Also, it's supposed to be freeplay, durr, I'm stupid, it said freebuild, it's not quite freebuild because of limitedbricks... I'm working on something. FOR NOW BRICKS ARE INFINITE. Limitedbricks won't turn off. I can't work on eventing for it without it enabled, but it won't turn off with /lbtoggle, all that does is make it so you can't build at all unless you're admin and admins have infinite bricks is on. I'M WORKING ON A FUN WAY TO EARN BRICKS, BUT I DON'T HAVE IT SET UP YET.
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Yay, you can now run around destroying stuff to get bricks!
Also, if anyone could make a small edit to LimitedBricks that has an option of "this brick type" in the give players bricks event, that'd be awesome and I would be happy.