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The Hive

What we do here-
- Build miraculous things.
- Worship Kaje
- Host Servers



  • The Hive has been revived and now has a whole new goal in mind.
  • Working on new base for our Cult.

How to join
Simply ask below and you will be judged by the current Cultists if you can join!
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- Help support Users with Autism.
- Hunt down Harvest Members
- Help the BLF notice friends who lurk Blockland.

you're trying too hard

you're trying too hard
May I ask how I'm, "trying too hard"

I was expecting a funny thread but this is very underwhelming and unoriginal.

i made a new clan called [autism tm.] it is a really original and good idea

I’m changing the main goal of the Cult quite a bit so it wont be as complicated.
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Why did you take the picture from google images?
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Why did you take the picture from google images?

Mainly because i’m horrible at drawing and I plan on asking one of my Steam friends to draw a Symbol for the Clan because they’re much better at drawing.

Sounds eerily similar to my own cult, The Hivemind...

We should be friends.

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