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Maybe I'm taking a wild guess here, but I think a lot of people are getting bored with the original Blockland waiting for the retail version. The announced features kind of overglow the current version... I thought it'd be nice if you told about your best Blockland related memories.  Hopefully that'd keep us playing it instead of just waiting for the retail version.

I'll start out with how I installed blockland on the school computers, and then we built massive good looking structures in no time. It was much easier to organize it when you could actually talk to your peers. Playing Blockland via LAN is a must-try.

Once (well, actually a lot of times, but this one's worth mentioning) I started a server with a tempting name, built a small spawn prison and let a few random people out. We expanded the prison, and in the end there was more things to do inside than outside. The thing covered the whole bedroom map with labyrinths, corridors and towers.

After a while we started wondering what would happen if we put a spray can inside or if we made a hole for a minute and told everyone about it. Needless to say, the thing was quite colourful after testing our ideas, and the corridors were crammed up with people everytime we made them a new hole.

When I first released Islands of Blockland, I had a server up running vanilla since it was before BLM. We had a full server and everyone worked together to build a tremendous sky city - really, while not the most impressive builds compared to what people do these days, it was an incredible thing to do because it was before floating bricks and before persistence.

Around the time of TBM 1.0-1.3 I would join servers under a different name and just quietly build. I was going through some rough times in my personal life at the time so it was really peaceful and refreshing to just create things with other people anonymously on a mod I helped create.

After TBM 1.16 during the downtime but after the bannings I'd often host 2-3 listen servers here on my various computers while I was at work. It was always so awesome to come home and fire up the monitors and fly around to see what everyone had built. I'd have to hit F11 to see how far out people had taken bricks, especially when I started running IoB on servers and people would slowly work bricks out to the crappy unflattened islands well beyond the draw distance and then proceed to create these incredible works of architecture and art using what you've got to admit were rudimentary tools.

Just some of my memories...
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Ha, actually the best moment I can remember of Blockland involved greifers.  Which you don't see anymore.  Go security measures.  ...?

It was on Builder's Hills, and I had built off of one of the main baseplates down to make a house above the lake.  I had just finished the second story (and each story had room enough for at least 3-5 good sized rooms.  It was pretty impressive, at least to myself), and was about to finish the roof.  People from the server were helping me, and we were moving at a good clip.  Then entered two people, evidently from a clan.  Well, they found a hammer.

Back in those days, when I saw people spawn and head directly for a hammer, that was when I thought maybe I wasn't in such good company.  Because just like these people, they'd just swarm all over what you were building like gnats.  So the admin, at my request, made a bow and arrow spawn.  All four of us grabbed one, and three of them would hold the greifers back while I made repairs.  It was actually sort of fun.

But y'know, sometimes people have to sleep.  The defenders slowly dropped off, until it was just me and the admin.  The house was sturdily built (back in my day, we built with 2x4s.  And I'm not talking about in Blockland days, either.  It's just how I built), but the admin tired of holding them off and they got away with the top layer before they too got bored.

I never finished that house, and I was mad at the time, but it was actually pretty intense.  Makes me want to host a vanilla server again.

The first version of blockland I ever played was BLM, my friend had given me directions to it.

I have rather fond memories of building big square boxes, and shooting people. Some times I was in a serious building mood, and I build a big house on top of a tower of 2X2's. The buggy was fun too, even though it didn't look like something you would see in LEGO's, it still remains one of the best steering vehicles of all time.

I remember being in 5 clans, only to gain access to their servers. AIO was still tiny then, and I didn't know it existed yet. I'd join servers, and be able to download the entire mod in 8 minutes. I would get on the server and ask for 5 minutes straight for someone to give me instructions on how to fly the airplane.

People still didn't understand that terrain changes too a server while still hosting were only visible too them. I joined a IOB server (one of my favorite maps, good job Luquado), only to fall through what appeared to be terrain, and get stuck in the water. They spawned a couple of ATV's which magically floated in the air.

Right before I switched to RTB, I played a game of AIO on the Water World server, that was one of my favorite servers. He hadn't hosted a server in months, or even played BL in months, so his server had been down, and I was glad to see it again. Unfortunatley, he never hosted a server again after that.

I used to have a lot of friends on blockland, but they all left right before TBM RC came out, or whatever that beta was. I wish I new where they all went. There was that one guy on the BL forums, who would always post pictures of his spawn traps. No clue where he went though. He made an interior based one even. Some of them were absurd.

I remember working with TheRenderMan on some of the first StuntBL tests, on AIO. He had the buggy tricked out, cabale of doing all kinds of tricks. I haven't heard much from him since, and hes banned now, on his own request.

There was a cool gun that flipped vehicles, and even damaged them, and a really fun to use plane. It was really boxy and looked a little strange (no offense maveric), but it was awesome. It had really intricate details, like the watch your step and jumping is Self Delete signs. People were mounted on either side of the inside of the plane, and could fire out on the sides, turning it into an instant gunship.

Sure, some mod could re-create these features and advertise them, and I might play it, but it wouldn't be the same. It wouldn't be the first, and it would lack the nostalga.

ahhh, my best moments?

When I joined the pirate clan is one. i was a young playa under the guise of The Master Admin. I joined in BLM 1.6 and found myself in a maze. i then proceded to spend the next hour enjoying time finding my way out and talking with my new comrades. Me and puppy made great things and had fun too.

Meeting bleh was nice to, but my post in going to become my legos story.

Yea, I don't care how strange the plane looked, but I did change it a bit now. I bought my laptop last week, and was able to host a LAN server with my brothers. We tested out all kinds of stuff it was ridiculous, we even got three vans stuck together in midair with complicated ramps and timing, and a bit of Editor didn't hurt either. I'm going to put all of my SBL stuff on this, host another server, and we'll use the "gunship", but because of Milkshape's bounding box system, we won't be able to kill eack other...but that's why I made the van like it is, where the people can be killed.

I remember the days of Vanilla, with all the spammers and hammer-crazy noobs. Some people and I once made a bar, then we deleted all the bricks and whatnot, and we laughed at the people who cried for a hammer. We also didn't care how blocky a building was, because bricks were limited.

Then came BLM. It brought the buggy mod to everyone, along with deathmatch. But it also brought GameBeavers weapons and a small war between Blockland having LEGO weapons and real-life ones. Eventually BLM faded away when a very good mod came out. That happened to be TBM.

TBM was a good mod that had loads of building options, the first helicopter, and what I think was the first bot system. The TBM Tycoons, as I'll refer to them, were actually pretty nice guys at first, until they realized that their mod was dominant. That was when they gripped the dark side and put "exploits" in their mod along with corrupt power options. That's when Badspot took action and I deleted TBM.

From the ashes of TBM, and I use that figuratively, came RTB, which tried to do what TBM originally planned: make Blockland or the builders. They accomplished that well. Many new bricks and colors, and even a *limited* buildable car allowed seemingly endless building options. The money system was put in as well, so you could make people work for bricks, weapons, and hammers (which I priced at $1000 to keep my vrothers from destroying everything). This seemed to be the mod we'd been waiting for. Well, we'll have to see, as it is still young, and many "minor mods" are rising up as well, such as SWM and SBL. I don't know what happened to Plo Koon, or Vertical Horizon, but they seemed to have moved on...

Anyways, that's my history of Blockland, and the good times I've had playing this awesome game. I can't wait til' retail!

Well my favorite lego moment was with on BLM 1.5 and I built the biggest castle ever and it became eventually bigger the the whole bedroom so we deleted the bedroom. It was my favorite lego moment ever when I could walk around in a real scaled castle.

Mine would have to be the second server I went into. It was still vanilla and the only mod I had for it was the color one. I went into this sever and we just made this HUGE spawn prison/castle. We would just keep adding on to making tunnels into the lake and over the mountains. It was also when I saw my first chain break and half of the castle was destroyed by a single brick. Ahh good times.

Oh and I remember that maze TMC it was fairly simple if you had a brain, the only difficult part was everyone else blasting your brains out with the shotgun as you manuvered through it.

That must be when I made the EuArmy clan. We had 33 members when we had the most. That was fun :) Then we made a clanhouse and had weapons in it.

My best would be when I was in a server(with BLM 1.1) as another nick.
We all helped in making this city on the lake(in Green Hills) and it was just amaizing what 8 people could make with BLM 1.1 in 4 hours.:P
It was fun anyway.
I'd say the golden days were when I came in to BLM 1.4

ahhh, my best moments?

When I joined the pirate clan is one. i was a young playa under the guise of The Master Admin. I joined in BLM 1.6 and found myself in a maze. i then proceded to spend the next hour enjoying time finding my way out and talking with my new comrades. Me and puppy made great things and had fun too.

Meeting bleh was nice to, but my post in going to become my legos story.

 :cookieMonster: I have finally been recognized!

My best moments in blockland.  I loved to play vanilla BL right when TSS showed it.  There had to be at least 500 servers running at any given time.  I remember I used to love to join DM servers.  Then the BLM revolution started.  I used to base ALL my mods off that, and I think I still have a copy of all of them.  After some server surfing, I met Speckz, and was invited to join the Minish clan.  I accepted, and I coded weapons for them.  Speckz pursuaded me to change to TBM, although I knew something was wrong about it.  It was long before the exploit had been released that I knew something was wrong.  I didn't browse the forums that much at that time, as I lost my account.  I won't tell why.  Hopefully BadSpot won't either.  While playing TBM, I built a mega-maze, and a DM factory.  I was talking about BL, then peeps suddenly talking about RtB.  I start to try it, and I got a better feeling about it.  I was given a warm welcome by TMC, and Mendez.  They used to join all my servers, and I used to join theirs.  Now, I started building more elaborate mazes, along with random people.  One maze that was more like a puzzle, was built by Meow Mix, who is great at design.  At the current time, I don't see TMC, or Meow Mix too often, but I see Mendez, every so often.  Blockland has changed my life so much, and I miss the old TSS shows.

Woah... My longest post to date.
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I remember Mendez he was MotE at one time, then he betrayed us for no reason.

Anyway, my foundest memories were of BLM. Blockland was at its peak, always someone to play with, tons of cool creations. Sure the weapons may have not been LEGO® but they still offered tons of fun. I remember Id change some numbers in the weapons scripts for fun effects and some people claimed me to be a mod god XD. Good times......:)

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reason you don't see much it bcause i'm currently in blockland block down due to projects

oh and if you have a nation states nation feel free to visit tlr and the blockish land of polozune

Hmm...  I did enjoy vanilla blockland when it was all that we had.  I wouldn't be that strong builder that I am today without those rudimentry experiences.  BLM was a good step.  I'd have to day that my best blockland related experience would have to be watching a video clip of MCP's mover & rotater for the first time.  Next in line would be actually making one myself with ease.  Unlike most of you, I don't raise pre-TBM 2.0 beta ages quite as highly.  I find the capabilities I have today most enjoyable and more creativity-inducing.