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he was referencing that the host should be free to make a space ship rp where you build your own. he wasnt saying the host should freely be an starfish
There's a difference between a server where you're clearly told that everyone builds their own ship for themselves, and a server where the host acts like an entitled prick and expects you to build everything for him because he didn't bother to make any effort of his own.

Its internet lingo that means irritated or mad. If you say someone is "Salty" it means they are angry or
Heh, you don't get it...

Heres a true example of idiotcity by a person who cant even host their server with knowing what the rp is supposed to be

What a richard.

I get his approach, wanting you to build stuff too, but he was such a wanker.
I've done several RPs with similar setups, and first and foremost I start building my own thing first. Something people will be able to jump into without building.
And then I recommend people build their own stuff too, to broaden their options for roleplay.

Fair enough if you've just started and have nothing to rp yet, but at least put WIPin the title, and DEFINITELY tell people you're still building when they join and invite them to build too.
You certainly don't demand that they get building.

but I'm sure he's probably banned me by now.
I also joined his server, he didn't even rp and had a pre made blockland map loaded.

Also, I bet he doesn't even know how to ban someone after they've left.

I edited it to that incase someone would get confused