Author Topic: CAM41: Continuously playing "You are an idiot, Ahaha ha!" Sound.  (Read 3754 times)

Theres no need for drama since they arent doing anything to hurt anyones feelings.
Yeah, this isn't really a needed drama, there could be a simple solution, Turn of music on BL then listen to some on Youtube or something like that.
Also, nothing to fight over people just because they aren't supporting, just settle down before you get drama'd.
We have already come to this.

stop bolding and sizing text like its a big loving deal

It was just a dry joke, do you have anger issues? If you really wanted him to stop you could have had an administrator ban him OR go to Options>Audio and turn off blockland's sound/music.

OP's dictionary makes me hate him

Goodbye. and...

Good job.

isn't this really like don't ask for sympathy rule because he's leaving his own drama or something
and why the forget did he say "rofl" at the end that doesn't make sense unless he's trolling us.

in which if that's the case its gonna be like "oh i was just pretending jokes on you ayy lmao"

i knew the sound the second i read the thread title

"oh i was just pretending jokes on you ayy lmao"
I'm rofling because this drama exploded.

I have some information to add. I hosted a server titled "Airplane RP" with the /boombox client enabled. He was one of the people who repetitively played "The Fresh Prince of richardbutt" song available with the service.
Quoted because pageloss.