Author Topic: What to get with ~$4 USD on Steam?  (Read 1363 times)

I have exactly $3.85 but i can sell CSGO items for a few cents to get $4. Any recommendations on what to get? I prefer action and shooter games, and with this sale out I see a lot of good deals, and already bought 2 games for a good price. I just wan to know the forums' opinion, as I myself don't know what to get.

(not sure if this belongs in Games, as I barely post here, but the subtopic's name suggest it does belong here. My bad if it doesn't)

papers, please if you don't already have it. if you do, get one way heroics.

If you like difficult games/rogue-likes grab Spelunky, 3.74 USD atm

if you don't already own it then

you can probably get some AAA games soon because of the steam sale

buy a key and take the gamble for a higher earning weapon.

buy 4 csgo gift things and then sell them for $20-$30 each during november

quake live is currently $2 until 1/4