Author Topic: I accidentally wiped my hard drive without saving my sister's mspaint drawings  (Read 923 times)

spongebob isn't white
You could say he is yellow, but that would be

Recovery Didn't Work.

I feel really bad guys
There were a lot of pictures

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I don't want to install anything incase there is a chance of getting them back and having them overwritten by my stuff.

I'll make sure to keep the computer locked down until this is resolved.

pretty sure I might have one of them saved in my imgur

apologize in the form of love

tell her, "I accidentally your mspaint drawings"

Make word play at her

I "MS placed" (work misplaced into MS paint somehow) your drawings

Meme from tumblr or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning

Same message as "I accidentally destroyed your mspaint drawings."