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Yet another TBM exploit (?)

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Well, I was lookin around in TBM 2.0 and in some of the maps are this:

--- Code: ---if (strstr(getmodpaths(),"tbm")==-1)
function AudioProfiled() {
  if (strstr(getmodpaths(),"tbm")==-1 || strstr(getmodpaths(),"rtb")!=-1 || strstr(getmodpaths(),"aio")!=-1)
--- End code ---

Basically what it can do is if you use AiO or RTB in the same file with the map it might put somewhere in a file
--- Code: ---quit();
--- End code ---
that will close the mod pack each time you load it. Is this a possible exploit? If it is then everyone gets free cookies  :cookie:
EDIT: sorry! no one gets free cookies. This isnt an exploit and  :cookieMonster: at them all.

Edit: Yep, its basically a screw-around in TBM. It wont affect your BL directory (from what I know), all it will do is if you use this map the map wont load.

Seems to be an anti-theft code; not really an exploit.

Its just simple friendry.  They're taking a fun, open source beta and trying to turn it into their own closed-source rooster measuring contest. 

holy stuff i have a foul er.. keyboard.  I should put some more word censors in. 

[DCF] PhatStreet:
omg dood u found sploitz lol give cokies to evry1 :cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

So BadSpot, mind releasing the code needed to build the Torque engine like in BL? After all, it is open source, right? The "beta" was fun half a year ago. Most people have moved on.


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