which gta theme song is the best?

gta vice city
gta san andreas
gta 4
gta 5

Author Topic: would you be sad if the above user was banned/left the blf forever?  (Read 9798 times)

sorry guys i gotta reset the poll i made a mistake
skip me pls

rick and morty is 👌
skip me.

stop saying skip, people, and just don't post until some more posts have entered the thread lol

im not even sure who to look at so uh, idk

Ye I'll miss his cake :(

Yes, I think you, GSF, Wesley Williams, and Skig are the only christian forumers I know of left.

I don't like anyone leaving the BLFs, I know it sounds dumb but there was some coolbros I knew back in 2012 that don't post any more :c

also probably yeah

Dont really know him but yeah.