Author Topic: BLF creates a pantheon  (Read 1273 times)

Today, I am founding the religion of Forumism.

However, we need some gods to fill up the pantheon of Forumism! Perhaps you guys can help with that...

* Name the god or goddess
* Attach a picture
* Add a description, as short or long as you want

The supreme overlord and god.
He watches over the forums and bans duchebags
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The God of Law and Order

Smites the troublesome

Badspot has his star spangled banner behind him at all times when typing.
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blood slash blood slice blood stab
          blood decapitate

Pathogen: PAX-12
Infected a blockland forumer, died with the disease and it moved on to other people until it infected 7 billion people. Six million of the people were in the Blockland Forums, posting a topic about creating a pantheon. The pantheons that are posted are all ready infected with PAX-12 and are nearing a state of uncomfortable condition or death. Symptoms may include absolute stuff posting, having a tendency to get banned in 12 seconds, autism, insomnia, brain degrading development, high rash on back, uncomfortable itching on head, sudden heart attacks, organ failure, pissing out kidneys, liver not filtering blood, diarrhea more common, esophagus shrinking or growing, internal sphincters becoming underdeveloped, sudden urge of genocide, ripping out bones and organs, insanity, nausea, scurvy, and lungs having less and less oxygen. Further more this pathogen has been classified as severe, and cure is currently being developed, but it will take a long time, presumably 355 years, and symptoms are being discovered everyday.     

Its only a matter of time until we have hazmat teams breaking into our houses and putting us all on 1 uninhabited island

Its only a matter of time until we have hazmat teams breaking into our houses and putting us all on 1 uninhabited island
Apparently the hazmat teams are infected with PAX-12,and the only remaining hazmat team in the world is the blockland hazmat team. Sadly the BHT is horribly trained,and the only incident they can deal with are cuts to the second degree of skin. Never the less, uninhabited islands are prone with fish infected with PAX-12,so you can't go out because of PAX-12 sharks and piranhas. The trees are also infected with PAX-12, you can tell by it being just a stick that is extremely tall. Life in the island is extremely hard, since of the food source and water, since they are all infected. The way to live life without PAX-12 is to be underground, isolated with metal everywhere. Life has changed,so we don't need oxygen because of evolution. An entertainment device should be handy as well as food sources. The food we use to eat is dirt. Since PAX-12 started, the government tried to stop it using K-12, a gas which can destroy common diseases. Since PAX-12 is very advanced, the disease controlled the gas to destroy all bacteria in the dirt. Because of that,dirt has sweetened and has became edible. To get rid of waste, all underground bases should require a bathroom. How a toilet flushes, is that it sends it to the inner core of earth, since PAX-12 hardened the dirt. K-12 hardened our teeth though,so dirt feels like chewing gum. Shower is recommended every day, because if you don't shower for 1 week, dirt will become very dirty in the esophagus, and you will get a infection and have been diagnosed with PAX-12. The cure for PAX-12 has been delayed,since a scientist gave up on humanity and started shooting. He killed 23 very important scientists, but then died due to the smell of dead bodies giving him PAX-24, a extremely rare case of PAX. PAX-23 is very lethal,so he died. The cure for PAX-12 and 24 is now due to 497 years.

betelguese or whoever, god of autism


God of being cooler than you