Author Topic: Server_GasMod causing console spam  (Read 587 times)

Is there a conflicting add-on I should remove? Or is it the add-on itself doing this?

Yeah I was disappointed about that but then I fixed it. The fixed version is still buggy but it fixed the annoying bot respawn bugs and doesn't console spam.

I'll give it to you when I finish fixing it.

I'd say get rid of it. If you're seeing this error it means that it's not working on some level. I'll scrub the mod over if I can't find a working alternative.

Just looks like a schedule loop that doesn't stop properly when soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning stops existing. I'm assuming this only happens after a little while, say like after a vehicle is removed or destroyed for the first time, or anything like that?

So after two minutes of looking I made a two-line fix for the version I found on RTB (I'm hoping this is the same version as yours). I don't know what was causing the problem but this fix should at the very least stop the particular errors you were showing in the screenshot.

This is the fixed version I have which fixes that error and it fixes a stuffty bug concerning bots.

When a bot dies and you set a spawn limit to 1 minute normally it will take a whole minute to respawn. Gas mod breaks this for some reason and now it's fixed.

Alright, I'll test the 2 downloads later. Locking for now.