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Several cities have reported over disappearances of random blockheads, with seemingly no trace.  The police forces are on high alert, their detectives working night and day to determine what happened, with the victims' friends helping every way they can - but it's no use, the clues are impossible to piece together, much like 20 pieces from various jigsaw puzzles won't fit together.  What exactly happened that night?

It's simple: the blockheads went to school.

They have been kidnapped and put into a big college. It's completely secluded without any windows or ways out, and it's completely self-sufficient. Each blockhead, after being schooled, is presented with a choice: to spend the rest of their lives in this isolated school... or to "graduate", which involves executing the perfect murder.  After the deed has been done and the students have investigated, everyone is dragged into a courtroom, and the trial, or "graduation process", starts.  If the students investigated enough to pinpoint the killer, he’s executed and the rest resume living their lives in the solitary school.  If they fail to outsmart the killer... they all die, and the culprit walks out a free man.

Despair Syndrome is a Blockland gamemode that's basically Murder Mystery or Mafia Madness except with more detecting and less deathmatching. The "killer" must ice someone, and then either hide the fact or force the blame on someone else.

Catch is, if the KILLER is killed instead, the one who killed becomes the new killer, effectively stealing their role. This serves two purposes: one, so the rounds will not end prematurely. Two, to discourage people from killing the killer in front of everyone else so you're not witnessed by everyone. It's a great way to reduce on deathmatch.

Anyway, after a victim bites the dust, the investigation period starts where the players attempt to piece together the clues and determine who is the most likely to be the murderer. The clues can range from  "The body has stab wounds!" to “The footprints lead to room six!”  After five to ten minutes, everyone is swept into a courtroom where they finally vote on who they think the killer is. Choose correctly, they win and the killer gets executed! Choose poorly... the killer wins and everyone else gets killed!

If at least two people examine the corpse, a body announcement will play. If someone was killed during day/night, there will be a different body discovery announcement at midnight/morning to tell everyone there are bodies to be found and that the investigation period has started.


  • Blood splatters on the floors and walls! Blood drops falling from the ceiling into a puddle! Bloody footprints trailing from the scene! Blood splatters on players' clothes, shoes, hands and weaponry!
  • All of that totally washable! Mops and water buckets will make the ground clean again! Wash your hands and tools in the sink, or take a nice shower to clean your clothes and soul!jack noir too lazy to implement showers
  • Random identities for players, including names, hairstyles and an improved female model!
  • A great deal of talking features: whispering, shouting, /me actions and out-of-character chat!
  • A working day/night cycle that ties into gameplay! Parts of the map lock down and water stops running at nightfall!
  • New melee combat system, with blocking, powerful backstabs, and non-lethal knockouts!
  • Exhaustion system that cuts at your attacking-and-sprinting stamina every night unless you get some sleep! Killers get to stay fresh with pure determination alone!
  • Everyone gets a soundproof dormitory room they can lock with their personal key. Opening the door means hearing everything going on outside/inside, though.

  • Don't be a richard! We're all here to have fun. If you block doorways, lock people in your rooms or break dormitory doors as a non-killer w/o a reason you will be banned.
  • Don't freekill! It's really obvious to admins when you freekill. We will figure if it's self-defence or not, but expect to be banned if you kill someone without a reason.
  • Don't metagame! Do not use OOC chat for in-game info! If you are seen talking about ongoing round in team chat chances are you will be banned.
  • Don't ERP (Erotic RolePlay)! It is obnoxious as forget and serves no purpose other than to get some preteens' richard wet and annoy everyone else.
  • If someone is breaking the rules, use /report *message* to get an admin's attention!

GUIDEBOOK (Copy-paste from in-game /help command):
  • For Trial gametype, the first day is the day without the killer. However, as soon as night strikes, the culprit is picked.
  • Killer's objective is to murder someone and get away with it. They can only kill up to three people (two if investigation period has started).
  • Once the killer does their job, they have to blend in and try to seem least suspicious.
  • A body discovery announcement is initated when at least two people examine/click the body. The announcement also happens at morning/night when bodies are undiscovered.
  • After a body has been discovered, investigation period starts. After investigation period ends, the trial period starts.
  • In trial, everyone is teleported to the courtroom where you are given time to discuss everyone's alibis and possible suspects.
  • After trial period is over, it's time to vote the most suspicious person.
  • If majority vote is correct and everyone votes the killer, the killer dies and everyone else lives.
  • However, if the vote is a tie, people didn't vote or majority vote is wrong, the killer wins and everyone else is executed.
  • [CHAT]
  • To use OOC (Out-Of-Character) chat, use TEAM CHAT (Default key: Y)
  • Normal chat is local/IC (In-Character) chat. Put ! before your message to shout, @ to whisper (like so: \"!shout\" or \"@whisper\")
  • You can also say /me *action* to do an IC action, like \"John Doe grabs a weapon.\"
  • [KILLER]
  • You can become the killer at first night or by killing the killer.
  • Once you become the killer, you have to kill someone and get away with it. Killing people in public or having a killing spree is completely discouraged.
  • You can only kill a maximum of 3 people (2 if one or more bodies have been discovered).
  • You can clean up the blood with a mop and bucket, and to wash blood off of yourself you have to use the sink.
  • But be careful! At night time, no sinks work, meaning that you will have to wait until day to clean the blood off of yourself!
  • You can sprint with JET key (default: RightClick)
  • To unlock/lock the door with the key, press LEFTCLICK and JET key (default: RightClick) respectively.
  • Conserve your stamina! Swinging weapons, blocking with weapons, sprinting and jumping deplete your stamina.
  • Weapons like Umbrella and Pan are /NON-LETHAL/, meaning that they will only drain stamina and knock people out when their stamina is low.
  • Press LIGHT KEY (default: R) when aiming at a door to knock, and when aiming at the corpse to loot it.
  • To navigate the inventory menu, use building controls (move brick forward/backward, brick plant key and cancel brick key)
  • Double-click and hold to carry around a corpse. Hold click to carry an item. Fast click to pick up an item.
  • Dormitory rooms are SOUNDPROOF, meaning all sound made inside the room is isolated. Nobody will hear you scream on the outside unless you leave the door open!
  • To sleep, say /sleep. You will be unconscious for some time.
  • [COMBAT]
  • You can find melee weapons all over the school.
  • Pans and Umbrellas are NON-LETHAL WEAPONS, meaning that they will drain stamina and knock people out when their stamina is low.
  • Pipe Wrenches and Canes can BREAK DOWN DOORS, however, it takes a while to do so and it's incredibly loud.
  • You can block incoming attacks with JET key (default: RightClick). Earlier you block, less damage you receive. Blocking drains attacker's and your stamina.
  • Attacks from behind have multiplied damage. Use this to your advantage!
  • Knives cannot block, but they are incredibly fast and drain little stamina from you. They're a great offensive weapon.

Jack Noir (Crystalwarrior), Port - Coding, gamemode
Kobble, Navar0nius, Bit, Jack Noir and various other people - Build
Navar0nius - Topic draft, administration, DANK ASS LOGO, screenshots, being a gay handicap
Plastiware - Hair colors help (as well as some misc sfx help)
Brian Smith - Hosting the gamemode when my internet was especially stuff (also inspiring the "no ERPing" rule)
Gytyyhgffffff - being awesome and hosting the server 24/7! Woo!
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Admin applications are now CLOSED.

Code: [Select]
Here's the form to fill out for the application:
[b]Nationality and Timezone[/b]:
[b]Languages Spoken[/b]:
[b]What brought you to Despair Syndrome?[/b]:
[b]How long have you been playing on Despair Syndrome?[/b]:
[b]Reasons for seeking admin[/b]:
[b]Previous admin experience[/b]:
[b]Other things you want to tell us about[/b]:
[b](Optional) Suggestions and requests for the gamemode[/b]:

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Reminds me a lot of Town of Salem. I like it.

Looks awesome. This might be a new fun gamemode if executed correctly.

the 24/7 server hosted from my vps will be up by tomorrow if anyone is curious

Digging the dangan ronpa style room.

3d blocky town of salem
i love it already
will there be actual bloody weapon models or a notifier

ok i'm going to try hosting

server is being set up as we speak

i'm having to sort out the grave issue of the girls not having any boobs thanks jack

ok another bump as i now have it set up
for whatever reason the playerdatablock was set to the standard player instead of the despair syndrome player

also i'm hosting under the name scenery if anyone is curious
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the rounds take way too long

the rounds take way too long
psa: life meaning is capcha catcher/cati/cupcakes/cupcakez/whatever loving alts he has

ok jack add an event log mm style for gods sake please
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Random question, but does anyone ever even knock on doors?

fun to mess around in,

could you add telephones or something? that way we can talk between rooms, but only during the night phone love

I really dislike the people coming in and not knowing anything about the server. I get freekilled, and then nothing happens to them. Another point I might add, some people use OOC for in-round chat so much, and despite the 200 warnings given to them by the administration, not gonna point fingers, they continue to do it.