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Author Topic: Glass' Trench Wars  (Read 8799 times)

What is the origin of this and what does it mean

Pecon's Boss Battles, for some reason the command "togglegizmo" toggles Gizmo's administration on and off

bunch of stupid bullstuff of you trying to sound like a gr8 guy

You have glitched into bases which was never against rules. And I have never banned someone on Fort Wars for ever being better than me or glitching into my base, it was a valid strategy I never decided to outlaw. But what you did was abuse your admin powers on multiple accounts witnessed by many different people. You were finally de-admined by me after Thorfin directly witnessed it. So how about you do one of the following; stop lying and admit it, don't admit it and shut the hell up, or go ahead and keep fighting on a forum about a lego game to defend your ego.