Author Topic: Slayer Events for World Domination  (Read 2130 times)

So uh- if you were taking over the world.  And you took over a country, some of the people in that country would run away.
And some of them would join your cause.

I made some events to make that happen in Blockland.  w/Slayer.

onWhatever > Team(Brick) > dissolveTeam
onWhatever > Team(Client) > dissolveTeam

This event removes all players from a team, locks the team, and disables autosorting for that team.
(This is all undone on minigame reset)
Then it takes all of those players, and splits them up among the remaining teams via the autosort function.
ie. a country was defeated so its population needs to pick a new team

onWhatever > Team(Brick) > incAutosort [-200 to 200]
onWhatever > Team(Client) > incAutosort [-200 to 200]
onWhatever > Team(Brick) > setAutoSort [0 to 200]
onWhatever > Team(Client) > setAutoSort [0 to 200]

This event lets you set or modify a team's autosort weight via event.  This means if say, a base was captured.  You could adjust the winning team's autosort weight to give them an advantage.
ie. A country owns more land, so more people want to join them.

So yeah.  Thats it.  Nothing fancy.
Here are the download links.  I've provided both mediafire and dropbox links.  Mediafire has ads, dropbox has a download limit.



Hey if the zip files don't work let me know.  I made these on linux.  Although I was careful when I zipped them up, I'm not completely sure if it'll be unzippable on windows.

Mediafire has ads, dropbox has a download limit.
And has neither.

Nice job on the events. Could make for a pretty neat game style.

Also I got this error when I uploaded.  I think it's harmless, but it had your name in it.
Code: [Select]
Warning: file_put_contents(./publicFileList): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/pecon/public_html/public.php on line 21

Oh, thanks. That is probably why nothing new has been showing up on the front page recently. Fixed now.

I could use this for my castle stuff.

I was going to divide peasants into districts.

Since when does dropbox have a download limit?

Probably when they started out.  I don't know what it's like nowadays.  But I HAVE run into a link that was frozen because it was downloaded too much.

its ok if i bump it once, right?

wow this makes me want to make a multiteam (like 8 or more because why tf not) control point map and server
useful as forget
by any chance does it work on slayer bots too?

I don't think soooo.  It uses the same methods as Slayer's shuffling.