Author Topic: [News] valve doesn't allow rape game, gaming rapists mad  (Read 1370 times)

Gamers really are the most oppressed minority.

i can imagine this to be on an obscure h-game download site, but it's uploaded on steam of all places. either the uploader is forgetin dumb or a successful troll

rape game on steam: why would valve allow this?
rape game removed: why would valve censor this?
creator of rape game:

Was this a quote from the game's creator or something? This came without context.

now all that's left is for steam to ban unity games
Well, stuff. Id have wasted years of my life developing and most likely go broke. Hope they dont do that, haha :\

all these unrealcigarettes with their anti unity propaganda. unity is literally the best, most consistent and popular game engine in the world

censoring us will only make us stronger #riseup

PC retards act like Steam is the only way to play a game, publish your game on if you're so desperate to rape virtual women, it's not rocket science, Valve genuinely does not owe any game a platform.

Anyone remember Rapelay? This is basically the same stuff in a different decade.