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these are some interesting changes

feelin good

Actually, it's 1.10, with 1.9 going live on tuesday

mmm, I had the post open that said they were shutting down the 1.9 PTR in an adjacent tab so I got confused
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i was looking at sombra and

is THAT a JOJO REF??!??!

im on that mad climb
after getting a new mouse (razer deathadder), i climbed from 900 to 1640~ in about 2-3 days


boopboopboopboopboopboopboopb oopboopboopboopboopboopboopbo opboopboopboop



dont u mean wryy silly

the robot things here

Is this why you returned to TF2?
Nah, I just wanted to take a break from Overwatch for a while. Explains why I didn't play for 2 weeks.