Author Topic: Stop bot respawning  (Read 843 times)

Is there a way to stop a bot from respawning FOREVER after killing it? Hard to make any campaign without this very important mechanic.

Putting them on a slayer team that only has one life would work fine.
Also, erm, just curious but what sort of campaign?

Ya know, like an fps campaign. I was gonna have some fun with a Serious Sam campaign. I'd use the slayer bot thing, but I'd have to count each spawn for the preferred player slot. Which could still work actually, but if I wanted some bots to have multiple lives (for a boxed arena fight, where you defeat waves of enemies before progressing), it would apply to every bot, complicating things. Also, there's no telling which spawn they'll spawn on if they have multiple lives. They could spawn at the beginning of the map. I learned that the hard way. :(

Thanks for the suggestion though! 

Hm, you could use VCE I suppose, although I can't think of a simpler alternative atm.

OnBotKilled -> Self -> SetBotType == None

To return the bot,

On(Whatever trigger you want) -> Self -> SetBotType == Default

oh forget, forgot there was a "none" parameter for setBotType

Event_unSpawnHoleBot would work too

Why should he get a custom add-on when he can just use the available default one? It's completely redundant.