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We should ban holsters, who knows how many people holsters could be killing when we're not looking.

guns don't kill people, holsters kill people

If the moron is standing right next to you, pointing at you with his arm extended, fast and hard hit to his arm and get inbetween his gun and him.
WOO. Ok, so a former marine showed me this once. My details are probably a little off, but what you actually do is move his arm slightly (grabbing it) and close the distance between you and him (bending his arm at the elbow and forcing the gun away from you). Then you'll have far more control over the situation. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, I might be remembering a bit incorrectly. But I do know that your way would likely fail in most situations.

Argentina srsly??? dog loving???

Why not just use a regular ass holster? I'm pretty sure it'd take less time to reach into your waistband than to rummage through your tits
because womens fashion

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Just like not all blacks are thiefs an not all americans are fatasses, not all argies are dogforgeters.
kahnuu is baiting, pie crust.

but those stereotypes are all true

holsters on all parts of the body

armor of guns

Argentina srsly??? dog loving???

stuffposting of this caliber can only mean one thing

he's gearing up to get banned in the furry megathread again

Because a lot of people in America are afraid of tyranny from their government, not that they have experienced anything close to it or at risk from experiencing the tyranny they anticipate.

These people are paranoid to the point of averting their focus from the real threat and focus on what sensationalist media tells them.

Seems to protect some people, but in regards to the Constitution, it can be interpreted that all gun owners in the US must serve in the militia of their given state.  Should that state not have a militia, they can either allow guns or confiscate them from civilians.

Also originally misread the title as a holster so that you could quickdraw out a bra at moment's notice.
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my mom conceal carries

i probs will too eventually bc why the forget not

my mom conceal carries

i probs will too eventually bc why the forget not
b/c apparently you'll end up murdering at least 1 innocent person

my mom conceal carries

i probs will too eventually bc why the forget not
My dad does too
and I want to

ok so my school has a filter and I bypassed it with google translate so I could read blf and I got to this post and couldn't actually reply but I watched this whole thread unfold anyways and I was laughing my ass off all class and everybody thinks I'm insane

god bless this thread