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TBM all the way man. It's awesome.

TBM all the way man. It's awesome.

It's not awesome. It's pwnsome.

A software is as only good as it's creators, and thus it is utter stuff.

Wait, the ONLY person who I can tolerate, is Luquado. From him being from the TBM team, at least he knows when to quit.

i want everyone to just shut theforget up and drop it. the more we do this the longer the tbm crew harrases us and the less i get done! i play rtb but i STILL get tbm noobs popping in and sayin: Oh TBM teh roxxorz joo noob and popping off. Let it go.  TBM forgeted up. end of story. leave me alone so i can build in peace.

TBM may have a few more bricks and colors than RTB but, TBM's GUI could have been made by a 6 year old with ADD... its just plain sad. Could be a good mod but anything that has to do with GUI movers, deathmatches, even the decal selector is worse than RTB's. Also, I look how many TBM servers are running and I see a couple empty dedicated servers and maybe one server with 2 people... Unlike RTB where you can find atleast 10 servers with people in them at any time of day.
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I don't like the color selctor. I understand that it is a beta, so I will not complain.

Using the fake servers to advertise is lame.

Thats ok, I met the guy who told MCP how to do it, and he is going to start advertising RTB =P

I agree with Bri Guy AND Wedge.

So far, TBM has nothing really that impressive. Ok, before RTB, ofcouse TBM was over AIO. TBM has the most bricks, best userbase, and very nice coders... But due to some peoples stupidity, TBM had lost its fame due to an exploit.

Yea, you TBM developers, tell me why I should choose it over the ever-popular RTB?

ok let me rephrase what i said MOST of the TBM users that are to the point of worshipping the TBM team are morons

you know wat i didnt mind tbm that much it was just the fan-boys always saying that tbm was better and that everyone was stealling from them.-everyone steals from everyone in an open source game

They don't steal they share for the better of the content. Thats the purpose of opensource.


I love TBM.

*Sharing *Caring. Learn to type plzkthx.
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Thats not typeing, its grammer*

It's spelling, not *grammar. Haha :P

listen i have the right to play any game i want to play, and even if i help out with the AIO i can still play TBMv2 Beta. yes some tbm users are asses, but the only tbm person i ever had problems with was Rob and hes gone.

Amen to that. I like the TBM mod very much, bu after a while some of the crew became complete starfishs. Actually, they were kinda nice back around V0.04. >_> <_<