Author Topic: How was BLF's Weekend?  (Read 825 times)

It was ok I guess. Oilers lost on Friday which put me in a sour mood the rest of the time.

I have spent all day playing pokemon games while watching pokemon.

Like an adult.

Good, I rode my dirtbike alot and I watched zootopia

last night was stuffe
today and yesterday afternoon were okay

ive been drawing the entire weekend

i got my wisdom teeth removed recebntly and just took tons of meds so life is wooOOOoooOo right now

i feel like a fat squirrel mixed with a snail

a squail

send help

i need to check my oil

Saving homework till Sunday like a boss.

i went into my city for a day, and was intimidated by everyone. i need to go clothes shopping.

I'm on my break during an illegal 10 hour shift at McDonald's.

I walked 4 miles to get here.

I got sick and I was gonna call the girl I like because I haven't called her in like 2 weeks and now I feel like stuff and phone anxiety is overpowering my reasoning and I'm going to spend week 3 lonely yet again

please loving kill me