Author Topic: B̶L̶O̶C̶K̶L̶A̶N̶D̶ FORUMS ON HIGH ALERT 4/1/2016 (IT'S ALMOST OVER GUYS))  (Read 70641 times)

oh stuff we're 4chan now

- people who have never been on 4chan

i actually go on /v/ regularly swine

I come back from my sleep, and you guys managed to make ~16 pages of stuff-topics.


i actually go on /v/ regularly swine

god you're stupid lmao

I say, we must join forces to push back the tyrrany of the 4chan empire, old chaps!

Very warm regards.

The Czechoslovakian Commaricharder.

When it's changed back, I wonder if we'll see our names again or if all posts will be "anonymous"

Hello men yes it it me the Spy that is Red

Take that name remover thing

Still not over?

I think I need to go to my grave...

April 2nd comes and every single post is said to be made by "Badspot"