Author Topic: B̶L̶O̶C̶K̶L̶A̶N̶D̶ FORUMS ON HIGH ALERT 4/1/2016 (IT'S ALMOST OVER GUYS))  (Read 37776 times)

The names are gone. Good luck

AH, there we go. Baddy got rid of the reply names now you loving cunts.

              also, i'm stupid

Office, I ain't done with you yet.

               I'll have you know that Badspot is going nuts.

moot !Eupqi1jsr3 ## Admin

can still see names this way
i claim photoshop

i like this new blf.
it's total chaos.

welcome to forums.

loving christ he removed the name in the top right

im going to sleep forget this

hey guys lets play "guess who I am"

          im stupider      

hey guys its

hey guys lets play "guess who I am"
you are flatflyer

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