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Hey Badspot, this is a cool game. But I do have some suggestions you may want to implement.

(1) Make a stable or some other type of anti-horse theft application.
I'm tired of logging in to find my horse gone.

(2) Add more quests. It can be boring with the 5 or so quests you have, and i'm sure everyone wants more. 2-3 more dungeons would be great, possibly with lava and ice themes

(3) I know you have'nt begun work on a male player yet. But I still have to recommend it. ;)

(4) The junction between the upper and lower body on the female is ugly.
And being able to take ALL your clothes off is disgusting.
At least make bras/panties a requirment to stop the noobs from streaking.

(5) Make the swords/shileds better depending on their material.
I know it can't be hard to add alittle more damage or defense to a weapon.

That's all I can think of for now.  :cookie:

In the days when people still hosted servers, I had turned that one fish shack way off from the main city into a stable.

What if Badspot built a stable, and while in the stable, each horse was assigned a password. You can activate your horse by entering the password, but once it is in the wild, its fairgame to steal or kill it.

You know Badspotty is out from college ok? So this game was not meant for 8 year olds to play. Naked women are natural. It just may be disgusting to you because your taught theres alot of things wrong with it.

Although he is blocking an audience from playing, and if this game was ever released... Oh wait, GarageGames rates it, not ESRB... Anyway, it might be nice to have an option to blur it out (although it isn't really any worse than the sims, there isn't any detail.

(1) Make a stable or some other type of anti-horse theft application.
I'm tired of logging in to find my horse gone.

Well we'll just put your horse in reserve infront of the dungeon so no one gets in.

DONT EVER TAKE THE NUDITY OUT!!! I like it, and when the male character comes out we can really have some fun if ya know what i mean

          ; )

i really think the male character is a must for a game like this right now its a great game has a ton of potential,....but i really feel like im playing a barbie game i mean comon...two girls riding on a damn horse, it looks like f@#%ing barbie's magical adventure or sumthing......anyways great game badspot!