Author Topic: Don't have the best relationship with my mom (rant-ish???)  (Read 638 times)


I just dont really like her, or spending time with her. Shes nice and all and raised me well, but over the years she seems to have changed.

I think the biggest reason I dont like spending time with her is that shes just super anoying. She constantly makes jokes that are just unfunny (which I can deal with) but the annoying part is that she never lets them go, and keeps expanding on them and this ultimatly kills it even more and gets annoying. Think of the "Loss' meme going around right now. You know how people make hundreds of different versions of them to the point where it all goes bad? That is what she does.

Another thing is that my mom always tries to get me to do things for other women because im a guy, and she never tells anyone else to do the same, even my dad. She always tells me "if a lady walks in give her your seat" and the like. If its someone who obviously needs the seat more than i do (pregnant woman, elderly, etc) then i will gladly give it to them regardless of their love, but giving it to someone for the soul reason that they are female and nothing else seems dumb.

And another big reason is the way she interacts with my sister. Whenever they get together they either scream and argue about things like hair or makeup, or drag on and on about the stale jokes that she makes which I mentioned above. Last week they even kicked me off of the family computer (that I worked for myself) while I was doing homework so that they could go on and order makeup stuff from Sephora.

The next thing she does is freak out for no reason. One time she saw a lady take out the trash and when the lady started walking over to us my mom literally yelped like a dog because she was scared the germs would get on her. She also points at random things when I'm driving such as birds with cool coloring or strange buildings. She literally screams "LOOK!" and points off in some direction and it freaks me out because I think shes warning me of a hazard or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning.

One final thing she does is try to hammer in "advice" to me that is literally her yelling "YOU HAVE TO GET A's ON EVERYTHING" (Yes she says actually this). Getting good grades is important to me but screaming at someone to do better just makes them look like insanely dumb and unloving.

Basically I'm just getting tired of all this. I'm still nice to her, and I still love her, but she just gets so annoying most of the time. Or am I just being too judging? :P

is she 15?

jk but she seems young, especially for a mother

is she 15?

jk but she seems young, especially for a mother
shes in her 50s

My mom is constantly trying to get into my business. She has recently threatened to call my boss to tell her I can't work Sundays and she always stalks my posts on Facebook. She is also trying to find out about people I am hanging around with and insists that I better tell her if I'm ever interested in a girl (I've gone almost 8 years since my first actual crush so it's not like I'm gonna give in now).

Being almost 20 though, I'm at the point where I'm spending more time out of the house than in the house, so it's very easy for me to avoid situations.