Author Topic: Haven't played in a long time! Master server quary failed?  (Read 896 times)

when trying to open the server browser after a little bit I get this error "connection to master server failed" did I accidentally delete some files? I was mucking about installing addons oddly enough the game ran fine just the other day!

probably your internet connection? I had no issue joining a server/seeing the master server list today, about an hour ago.

I think it's some add-on because reinstalling fixed it! well I'll try to add them one by one back to figure out what to delete

Double post sorry: could it be blockland glass?

Shouldn't be, trace(1); in console, open the server list, refresh it. If nothing comes out, close blockland and upload the console log

fixed it! I had a very old mod that edited the server browser GUI to have a search bar didnt work anyway so removed lol sorry to be of trouble thanks for the help brainstorming!