Author Topic: 2016/04/17 - PAX East Booth Part 2  (Read 86476 times)

iirc there was more coke in that image

iirc there was more coke in that image
that would be illegal to show though

Booth is setup, pictures will be posted tomorrow or the next day if I'm not dead.

Edit: Slightly better map

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Aisle 800 looks like a fun place to be. You should slowly walk past devolver digital over and over making sure they see your badge and dropping dollars for fork parker.

(I think that's how you get a publishing deal?)
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Can I kill you but only, like, because I love you?
Like Mark David Chapman, y'know?
Or can I at least have a limb, or something?

I don't think I can make it to pax. How can k get pins and cards though?

Blockland trading cards that look like the steam cards would have been cool.

PAX is over, things went really well.

I am tired, and my throat hurts like all hell.

Not actually from PAX however, I drank scolding hot tea yesterday at lunch.

I did a few interviews, and talk to some news people so you may see things pop up in the coming weeks.

People were really excited for both our games, it was really great to see.