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Do you have a car? Show it off here! Some people wondered what happened with my car after the accident. Let's have a look how this fine Hyundai Excel 1.3i SE HB is doing today!

Before the accident (25 July 2015)

Accident on 9 December 2015

Today (17 April 2016)

Funny that you would post this, since your avatar keeps reminding me of the Renault emblem.

I'll take some pictures of my car later today while I'm out to contribute. Prepare to not be wowed.

2008 hyundai elantra.. it's too cold for me to go take a picture.. maybe later.

This is basically what it looks like, except mine has a spoiler..

Nothing to show off lol.

'98 Ford Expedition.

It was free from my parents so I can't complain.

1985 jaguar xj6 and 1976 Alfa Romeo spider

My dad's extra car and my daily driver: 2012 Nissan Versa

With the proper 6-speed manual transmission.

this is the model, can't really take a pic of it because it's not at the house atm