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       Hello fellow players of Blockland I am making this post cause I believe that Blockland has great potential still untapped by players and creators. First though I must ask who remembers RTB (Return To Blockland)? I do, and if you don't know what RTB is, RTB was a mod for Blockland that made creating and installing mods really simple by giving player a interface on the main menu to browse mods and even have friends that you can talk to etc. How ever the creators of RTB shutdown the project making it where its difficult to download mods, Make mods and update them, and talking to friends (In my opinion). Now what I believe would be able to fix this is where the creators of Blockland allow Steam Workshop to be enable for Blockland if that is possible. Steam Workshop is where the community can submit game ideas and mods for the game that is easy to install since the files install to the game itself via Steam. Now if you don't own Blockland through Steam yet for some reason its really easy to do all you do is install steam, make a profile, download Blockland through Steam (its free) and put in the activation key for Blockland that was given to you when you first actually purchased the game through the website. I made this post cause I believed that the mods for this game where amazing (not all of them) and it makes me sad that there isn't a easy way i to install or browse them easily like it use to be, and i'm quite surprised that this wasn't a thing yet. However he is the idea and i hope everyone can agree to this idea of Steam Workshop for Blockland so that the mods can come back and make the game a even better place.                                                                         

                                                                                                               Thank you. 

why is everyone saying they want steam workshop for blockland
and we have blockland glass

Sorry I haven't played in awhile mainly my little brother that has an account and i guess he didn't hear about it, i sorta slowed down on playing it since RTB was removed, and in my opinion its easy to work with. If you owned Garry's mod (Gmod) you would see where i was going with this post considering its not easy for Steam Workshop to just close down.

Actually wouldn't Steam Workshop be relatively easy to implement? All it would have to do is download the zip files and place them in the Add-ons folder, right?

Actually wouldn't Steam Workshop be relatively easy to implement? All it would have to do is download the zip files and place them in the Add-ons folder, right?
Yes, but development in this game has been stale.

Yes, plus it updates the add-ons while steam is on automatically, plus im looking at Blockland glass and i noticed its fairly new and works a little similar to RTB but there i the possibility of that dying off like RTB did. Also Kyuande it might be stale cause the community dosent know what to quite do exactly and this might be the solution to fix that problem.

No, I'm talking about the developer with updates. We can't implement the steam workshop, but the developer(Badspot) can (which I doubt is going to happen). We haven't heard anything about updates in 3+ months.

Blockland glass is heading for a related path of RTB, I recommend taking a look at it

There have been tons of topics asking to implement workshop support.
And it all boils down to what we currently have being much better.

The main reason being that when a workshop mod gets removed from Steam, it gets automatically deleted from every client.

So if say Greek2Me gets mad one time and deletes Slayer, then everyone's gamemodes that need Slayer don't work anymore.
Which would be disastrous to the entire community.

If you want auto updating mods, then there are plenty of alternatives that don't involve this horrible practice.

steam workshop is stuff