so hey how do u like school?

i love it
26 (11%)
it's aight
72 (30.5%)
138 (58.5%)

Total Members Voted: 236

Author Topic: night discussion topic i guess [night 1225]  (Read 1140987 times)

a mosquito bit me on my buttock

i got bit on the richard by one once
hahahahaha friend mosquito

also lego lad consider your thunder stolen by nonnel because i've replied to his comment instead of yours

it's alright here's some thunder 4 u to make up for that horrible deed

man u kno i like drawing my parrot plant boy
but man idk i've just been so unmotivated to draw lately dunno why

who was the forumer here that worked for ubisoft
im having technical difficulties with watch dogs 2

yeah found my old croc 2 cd

croc 2 is the best game i used to play back then