so hey how do u like school?

i love it
28 (11.2%)
it's aight
75 (30.1%)
146 (58.6%)

Total Members Voted: 249

Author Topic: night discussion topic i guess [night 1305]  (Read 2126932 times)

                                 eating pretzil chips

richard Cheney made money off the Iraq war.

now that i know its possible to exploit something into getting a bigger avatar i know what im gonna be trying

it was already possible before and already exploited before

how was ur thursdays mine was aight i got some pizza

bite? o so u had some food too huh

we had ramen in chicken broth plus chicken and some kind of veggies and i put sriracha in it

i need a new keyboard and i have only 3 standards: black, tenkeyless, and mx blue or clear (or equivalent) switches
any recommendations?

punk ass
the only use that i would have for the tenkeys would be macros in world of warcraft and im too much of a pusillanimous individual ass bitch to figure out the macro system and remember where i put them on my keyboard