so hey how do u like school?

i love it
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it's aight
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Author Topic: night discussion topic i guess [night 1225]  (Read 1162699 times)

soon to be yearly night discussion topic

boutta order a 90 dollar helmet for halloween

i just realized that today is day 1225 and right now it's night 1225

does anyone struggle with saying you love someone? i struggled saying it to my relationships, i struggle saying it to my family, and i struggle saying it to my friends. it's not that i don't, i don't actually know why it's hard

edit: this IS too deep for this topic i probably should have put this in the gay thread
i find it's too 'emotionally genuine' to say. so if you're 'ironic xD' or you're relatively prideful, you'd be hesitant to say it cause it leaves you feeling vulnerable cause of how honest you'd have to be when saying it, as opposed to masking it with tones of sarcasm or bravado

or maybe you have other emotional issues. or commitment issues. i dunno. i dont judge

so there ya go. a response two months late