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I didn't host last night because I came home from work and went right to sleep, sorry about that.

The server is up now though.

Edit: forget you windows and your updates. Have to wait for the server to restart, should be up in 10 minutes or so.

Edit #2: forget you windows and forget your family.  The update crashed it. congratulations on being a piece of garbage.
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will you try to get it back up?

Looks like we are good to go.

Edit: forgetkool kids klubkool kids klub youuuuu windowesssssss.
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Switch to windows XP server. I had this problem on NFO constantly and when I asked the support for advice, they told me to switch. It was a great choice.

Switch to windows XP server. I had this problem on NFO constantly and when I asked the support for advice, they told me to switch. It was a great choice.
The fact that windows server is so garbage and I have to go back to XP is sad. Thanks for the advice tho. Going to try troubleshooting one more time and if not i'll do that.

Killed that bitch.
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The problem that Windows 2012 server has is that there are regular security updates which restart your server automatically.

Also the server is up now, and seems to be working correctly.

That net stop thing never worked for me on my server.

my vps runs windows 2008 and ive never had issues with updates

Make Your Own Map

With the introduction of the map rotation (Thanks to Danny Boy) we will now be able to cycle through multiple maps. Instead of me building all the maps I decided it would be interesting to see what other people built.

So starting now I will allow people to build maps and submit them to me (Via PM/Steam) for review. Once reviewed it will be decided among me and my administration whether or not to add it to the map cycle.

So How Do I Make A Map?

It's easy, you will download the Map Builder (download at bottom of post) and make a map however you'd like as long as it follows the guidelines provided.

  • Cannot be massive, has to be kept to a reasonable size.
  • You must use the walls provided, cannot be made taller.
  • When making terrain such as hills clear out grass and replace it with dirt so when someone digs down there isn't grass in the middle of the mountain.
  • If you decide to make your own dirt layers it cannot be taller than 64x and cannot contain more than 500 bricks per 64x space.
  • The entire map cannot contain more than 40,000 bricks.
  • Do not add a ceiling to the map, I will do that.
  • Do not try to secret events or anything in the build, all events will be cleared when I add it to the server.
  • Must make a minimap for the spawn. (provided in save)
  • The save name will be what is displayed to people when the map is selected, so choose wisely. You must save it in this format "MAPNAME (Created by, YOURNAME)"

A Few Things To Consider

Just because you submit a map, it is not guaranteed to be placed in the cycle.

You will not receive a reward, you will be given credit as the creator though.

Download Map Builder
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Seems like Xdere did absolutely nothing wrong and you called him an abusing cunt.

woops mustve dumped a bit of evidence
i said hes "ruining the map" and he claimed he "doesnt care"
then Bloo Kirby asked Xdere if they can help farm points.
Xdere kicks Bloo Kirby without warning, and says "cold as ice :3"
The server was on lockdown, so Bloo Kirby couldn't rejoin.
Did I forget to mention Xdere d-wanded a huge, 64x64 trench?

This sounds like your usual one-sided out-of-proportion report.