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I'm the real Chewie ;)

I'm getting a new mic soon as my previous one is broke, but as soon as that happens I'll give ye a little voice sample for Boba Fett/whoever you think I'd fit the most based on my voice.

And also, if you need a builder I'd be more than happy to help out with props/anything that needs to be done.

This is an older image, I made some progress.

A few weeks back my computer suffered a rather grim hardware error, it may be the ethernet cable itself or it may be the network adapters, but it seemingly forgot all connections, anyways, I have no internet connection on my building pc. I will try to get back to building the ship as soon as possible though. But for now I cannot use blockland and cannot work on the ship at the moment.

I'm making a competition and some poor sap is gonna enter and he's gonna get the movie on VHS.

No joke.

Just as a bump so you're all aware this is still going on and there are still many things that can be done to help.

For example, if you or anyone you know can make mods and models and such, go ahead and message me, we're gonna need a lot of help that even in-house BLC members can't all keep up with.


Sneaky Peaky.
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yay someone must not be using premiere pro for all effects anymore!

I will happily help act (but not voice act), but my timezone is GMT so I may have trouble joining if you live elsewhere. PM me if you need acting help.

I'm active to do some filming/editing with After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2015 if you need help Swholli. Just PM me the dump files and what you want done etc.
Also, I'd recommend changing your Chroma key to the "aggressive" setting, my only nitpick of No Hope was that you could see small green outlines around objects a lot.

Just a small bump to let everyone know I'm still working on this.

Also a request because I've been having issues and this is stalling production:

I need a model and add-on that is a ride-able bot, like the horse. Please PM me if you have the skills needed to accomplish this task.

If you need someone good with synthesisers and audio for your foley effects etc... hit me up!

Eh, good luck on the AT-AT's there.

Here be mai application

Really, I don't wish to be any specific voice, just pick me one

The continuing adventures of Swholli learns how to model.