Author Topic: Square Society: So long, and thanks for all the bricks!  (Read 88940 times)


all right I shouldn't make memes at 4 AM because they turn out kind of stuffty.
here's a better version of that pic

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big man looks on little ant babbios

ahh... today marks two years since Square Society was founded. I have been working on a side-project for somebody else's server, it's low-key but today deserves a show of progress. if you think this looks nice... you should see what the mastermind behind the larger build is cooking up.

(the quoted picture is underground)

dang, it's really been that long? time flies

this clan has been going strong despite the fact that we often don't have time for BL. this game is the ultimate building game out there. we've had the square society title for 2 years but have been building since the 15000s of BL_ID.. 7-8 years ago? i hope badspot keeps this game alive forever and the community keeps creating content and growing. blockland is a tiny tight-knit community. if some day blockland, or some successor, could grow and get the audience it really deserves.. i feel like things would be crazy. with our community of 1000 we have a barrage of new mods every week, and a constant rotation of servers. imagine what could happen if blockland had a constant playerbase of.. 30,000? 100,000? anyway long live bricks, SqSoc 2 years. goat clan. building and making for life.

SqSoc 2 years. goat clan. building and making for life.
beautiful words jeprimer. we really are a goat clan!

(pictured: a jungle yak flanked by two little goats)

i love the jungle build
very cozy

oh stuff monday
everything on the last two pages every page is 👌👀👌👌👌👀👀👌👀

The Brighter Dark is cool