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WE demand captain ursus

WE demand captain ursus
I swear, you kids and your damn comics.
there is more Captain Ursus to come, but first a message

It's sad when species go extinct

That's why Square Society has decided to just invent new loving species

be sure to play on Frontier Kosmos, which debuts soon.
there will be NPCs old and new!

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the rock-master will crush again, soon. the modter_station3 pack is updated. re-download it to get 3 new textures: all themed around space ship design!

this is a pic I got of Frontier Kosmos today, it's a pretty big map.
hosted a "beta" run and people seemed to enjoy it.

I joined conan's server tonight to chill and build.
I built this cool green thing in about 20 mins, sherif helped.

great building environment on that server!

The Last Voyage of Captain Ursus #6
(Click the image below to read issue 6)

Click here for The Last Voyage of Captain Ursus in full.
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i can't take that suspense in the end aaaaaa

new vehicle soon! Hoverette

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the photos of the night

(these two by cordax and allun pentax)

minor detail that was driving me insane, i fixed the backface problem in the window.. there's a support there now:
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overgrowth island

I built Biollante from the Godzilla movies

I tried to speed-build a little spaceship. I got the speed part down (1.5 hours not bad) but it's more of a space weenie than a starship

also jeprimer has released his Hoverette vehicle

I built this on Plastiware's halloween block party, & I had a really good time on that server

(I built the bricks not the torin)