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we are a clan of peace and runescape

we are a clan of peace and runescape
runescape is boring and peace is for suckers

runescape is boring
clearly you've never been to a level 99 party :/ :/ :/
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tbh im surprised its not Scare Society instead of Slime

god.... i hate the square society... almost as much as i hate ohio!

We are now Turkey Society
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it is no coincidence that ohio is pretty square, because theyre SCARED (of me

was not expecting this thread to still be alive, that is a very pleasant surprise. I've had a craving to build lately so we started working on figure-eight loop of terrain inspired by mad max and fallout new vegas, it's designed mostly for vehicular combat but there are areas for on-foot gunplay too. I was working on buildings for a post-apocalyptic build last time I played BL in january, so a lot of progress has already been made.

we also have a discord server not only for blockland, but with channels covering halo, runescape, animal crossing, comic books, and music. formerly the Square Society discord, it's been renamed to Planet Londo to reflect the broader focus on more games than just BL. Here's an invite, please follow the rules if you join:
Don't forget the Brighter Dark also has a discord that covers all his awesome blockland servers, of which randomizer is currently being hosted:

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