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Ring in the new year with page 10!

i have an idea... for a cyberpunk city gamemode. it will have custom items and prints and be designed in this sweet (and highly brickcount-friendly) modter building style!

it's called station 3
Loving the whole design so far. I don't think people realize you're drawing the prints for this yourself! I really can't wait to see how this looks in the end!

Here is something I built on rlcbm's server the other day

a funny meme about how building brings us all together!

a cinematic photo from another session of playin around with station 3 ideas, each entire building is ~100 bricks only!!
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rename station 3 to terminal 3 and replace most of the prints with textures from lsd dream emulator

mabe i should build a cyber punk part in mi city
i aleeady have one but its not what i want it to be

hello i would like to apply

made some cool elevated pathways today

hello i would like to apply
Great build, but I think it’s too good for our clan, try applying to cohort perhaps

made them on islands now + big roadways above

total brickcount: 1500.2
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i want to apply

proof that i can model

(i made the skateboard model)

proof that i can make epic weapons
(also more proof that i can model)

proof that i can build

yacht that was originally built for drendrans new years 2018

the kitchen from family guy

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I will edit the OP when I get motivated ;o

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Kidalex is now a member of Square Society

I will edit the OP when I get motivated ;o