Author Topic: The Chronology of the Blockland Forums  (Read 258950 times)

Bisjac did used to be less cynical I thought it was just in my head

Bisjac did used to be less cynical I thought it was just in my head
It was the 2000s, we were all different back then, the world was a much simpler place

I also did this too. Where's my credit on the chronology
yeah but your not as important as badspot!!!

(But your in the thread/post so)

bumping because this topic never dies

add my suggestion!!!
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I've added the original PHPBB Blockland Forums to the start of the Chronology
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anybody have the images for this thread in the chronology? I have to see them.

found this edited one of ghost: (click for full)
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no mention of the chesse20 blow up or any of his cpoc (cool people only club) threads? and i thought this was a REAL chronology

that being said i have nothing to contribute to that suggestion despite it being one of my fondest memories of the forums

Feel free to suggest and link to anything you think might be noteworthy and i'll consider it, complaining that something isn't on the list and not providing a link to that thing doesn't really help...

I don't think Tony going through a phase is worth noting, he'll probably unlock the thread when he has something new to talk about