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10 consecutive years of blocklands new years partys, pretty crazy. I think badspot also hosted one back in 07 with hats? not too sure but Kalphiter nailed it, and thankfully the community carried on the tradition.

 2016 - 2017 stands out to me as the best, fun build, great staff and lots of old faces showed. here's to another 10?  :iceCream:

There actually was a New Years server at the end of 2007, but i don't think a thread was ever made for it, let alone a player tally, so all i have is this one picture to remember it by
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add fuzztoast drama PLEASE!!!!!! it is historic

wow that picture really takes me back, all i had was this vague memory so i wasn't sure if it even happened.

such a different time...

Heres the thread for New Years 2010, it's the oldest thread that I could find