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Made by Zapk/Trudeau in 2014, he gave me permission to post this add-on.

Adds an improved version of the Horse, known as "New Horse" in the vehicle spawn menu.

- Horses have a more realistic speed.
- Horses have sounds for walking, and running, and jumping.
- Horses snort and neigh randomly (with sounds).
- Players in third person have an improved camera, allowing them to aim their weapon.
- Players have their arms raised when riding the horse.
- Horses spawn either male or female.
- Males are slightly bigger than females.
- Horses can breed with horses of the opposite gender (excluding family members).
- There is an extra slot behind the first, so two people can ride on the same horse.
- Click a horse and it will follow you (with AI), click it again and it will stop.
- Horses wander around in small radiuses when not being ridden.
- When two horses mate, a mix of the parents' colors is chosen for the foal.
- Horses start small and grow up over time.
- When a horse's parents' spawn bricks are deleted, they will vanish as well.
- Foals cannot be ridden, the player falls off if they try.
- The default Blockland horse model.

- Two horses and their foal:
- Third person camera:
- Two players riding a horse:


I remember when he hosted this :O

i mustang say, this looks very cool
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sh, it was definitely intentional
your odd jokes are leaving me hoarse

Seriously guys, quit horsing around.

- Males are slightly bigger than females.

I'm triggered

Awesome! Am I able to switch the model with the Advanced Horse model, and still work?

did you just assume that horse's gender

Would be cool if you released a version with just another seat on the horse and nothing else.

red horse
blue horse
purple horse


i love little addons like this, this looks neat