Author Topic: [NEWS] cop shoots black guy for thinking he was about to pull out a firearm  (Read 4170 times)


youtube video

a cop pulled over a black woman driving with her boyfriend for a busted light, and when he the boyfriend for some ID, he informed him that he was licensed to carry firearms, and then proceeded to pull out his ID, but the cop thought he was pulling out a firearm so he shot 4 bullets into him

also, according to the recent update in the news article, boyfriend had died from the shot wounds

Another stupid ass cop looking for an excuse to kill ffs

soon whitetopia will be real

Another stupid ass cop looking for an excuse to kill ffs
A purge needs to happen

There was another black guy shooting today. Did you guys see the baton rouge shooting?

that cop is supporting the white america god bless

see police officers used to have it easy, shooting the black folk with no repercussions, now every time it happens its major news
so now they're gonna start killing white people for fun

Another stupid ass cop
This far is correct. I don't think he was looking to kill but just didn't think and did what he could to save his life. If you thought someone was gonna shoot you wouldn't you try to shoot them first?

I don't know guys for once it seems like this cop was in the right.

Idk why anyone would ever announce they've got a firearms license and then pull a gun, but I'd probably have done the same in that cop's shoes. And I mean even if those people were white.

EDIT: After putting more than 0 seconds of thought into it, it would have made more sense for the officer to tell the guy to drop his firearm so forget all the baloney I just said

Second edit: is that officer crying? I really can't tell his voice just sounded kinda like it. I'd like a second opinion
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guy's a loving idiot lol. why would you even say that you have a firearms license and then immediately reach into your pocket. immediately shooting him might have been too extreme but that was an insanely stupid move on the victim's part

omg i feel so bad for the cop. im listening to him scream in the background yelling "stuff stuff stuff FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" and he sounds so distressed omg. meanwhile who dude who's dying is just like "yea whatever"

anyway if the cop's story is true he probably overreacted but the dudes an idiot. like did you think it was a good idea to try and 'threaten' the cop?

Please dont let ferguson #blacklivesmatter bullstuff happen again