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Author Topic: Cohort [Medieval City]  (Read 55233 times)

Some Fallout based bunker at Skill's

The Pumpkin War will be remembered. Never forget.


(you can hear my retard laugh even though I wasn't even close to the mic)

- Sleven (4540) Builder
- Sylvanor (118) Builder
- Whostolemacar (26554) Builder
- Ant (8865) Builder/Modeler
- Mr.No▀ody (6480) Builder/modeler
- 1 (?) Brick Creator
- Brickitect (24378)

loool look at this nob he's nuthin

Sadly my bunker came to a halt. Been playing Overwatch and this beautiful game called Ori and the Blind Forest.

Can someone help Sylvanor with Soviet City jeeze.

what a beeautiful build... that wall map is :oneHundredEmoji: :cookie:

You ever finish those last rooms Sylv?

You ever finish those last rooms Sylv?
no but i will since i will put the bunker in the russian city ;)

It's a shame that such an incredible sandbox gone to waste. No one rarely cares about in game stuff anymore, people come to this forum to discuss off topic matter. Gallery is dead and there's at max 3 clans or something.

Sylvanor just made his city private, seeing there's is low interest in the build and the game in general. We will finish it and use it to our own liking instead of releasing it to public like we've done with past cities.

I am considering to not finish my tdm I've been working on for so long as I am afraid when the day comes for hosting it there will be no users to try it as there's too little people on blockland nowadays, something else will grab their attention, it will be a flop or it will simply not be what people want.

As of now, this clan's future is hanging by a thread and there's not much in this game left to inspire us to keep producing content for the people.

ill keep the website updated but for this thread idk yet

"insert desperate 'it's a school year' comment here"