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Author Topic: e̶l̶e̶c̶t̶r̶k̶'̶s day discussion topic i guess [day 1234]  (Read 761361 times)

Nut Shack
radio shack's really gone downhill with their marketing

i like nights because it's not burning up all the time in my room but i also hate them because i live out in the country and everything outside is pitch black & spooky through my windows (which i have to look through all the time because my computer is set up right infront of my massive windows)
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Nights are better because that's when I can break into people's houses

this isnt the night topic

i think i might be lost......................... .

and now here's the discussion topic that absolutely nobody cares about
not even op

So what are you guys gonna do this fine day?

do it for the vine maxwell

don't let your dreams be dreams maxwell

the nights were mainly made for saying things that you cant say tomorrow day

the neverending day 10 is finally vanquished from our lives

welcome to

day 40