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post whatever's on ur clipboard (CTRL-V)

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For once someone is trying to be professional and not a dumbass on Drama and we still get posts like this

Scottish singer-songwriter


NOT CTRL V PART: if you want context, I was trying to sound as least accented and as clear as possible (aka, try and have "no accent") by reading the definition of the word accent

12:28 AM - A Random Stranger: aw yes~
12:28 AM - Qualimer: gay

Waltz In A Minor, I was playing virtual piano
u-[6p] a [etus]-[etu]-[2d] f [eyig]-[eyi]-
[5a] s [wrid] j [wrih] g {fg[8f]} D [wtuf]-[wtu]-
[6p] a [etus]-[etu]-[2d] f [eyig]-[eyi]-
[5a] s [wrid] j [wyih] a [8s]-[wtu]-
u-[6p] a [etus]-[etu]-[2d] f [eyig]-[eyi]-
[5a] s [wrid] j [wrih] g {fg[8f]} D [wtuf]-[wtu]-
[6s] d [etuf]-[etu]-[2g] h [eyij]-[eyi]-
[5h]-[wriG] h [wriz] g [8f]-[wtu]-[wtu]-

[3f] G [0ryH] j [0yk] l {kl[6k]} j [0etf] k [0etj]-
{jk[3j]} H [0ryf] g [0ryf] f {fg[6f]} s [0etp] a [0etp]-
[3u]Oa{[0ryf]Hkxv[0yn]}-{mnm[6n]} b [0etx] n [0etb]-
{bn[3b]} V [0ryx] n [0ryn]-[6b]-[0et]-[0et]-

, swollow
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I had my Blockland login code on my clipboard and I'm not going to share that stuff.
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