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Drinks (v1)

A collection of three nice refreshments!
The pack includes a can of soda, 2-liter soda bottle, and a canteen.

  • When equipped, you'll have to click a single time to "open" the drink unless it's a soda can that's already been opened.
  • You can hold down your mouse button, or individually click to drink the soda.
  • Each drink has a specific amount of uses, indicated by colored lines that come up as a centerprint on your screen.
  • Each drink heals 10HP for every time you drink it.

Soda Can
Drinks: 5
You only have to open this can once. Every other time you take it out, or if you drop it, it will remain opened.

2-liter Soda Bottle
Drinks: 10
Makes a neat fizzy sound on the very first time it's opened. Regardless it closing when you put it away or drop it, it will not fizz when you or anyone else re-opens.

Drinks: 7
Really nothing special about this one. Closes like the 2-liter but doesn't have any special fizzing noises.


Conan for the models and most of the coding, Arekan for slight coding edits/fixes and sounds.
Are you pro at coding and have any ideas on how to improve the script? While Conan did play a major part in coding, it was mostly him showing me how to do things while I blindly pasted around and tried my best to follow along. I probably forgeted up soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning that he did somewhere and it looks ugly. I don't know. If you see soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning that could use a bit of fixing, tell me! :D
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this is gonna be really useful for servers, thanks!

Approved on Glass.

Pro tip: Don't define one function multiple times. It'll just get overwritten.

Add a vodka or a wine bottle that makes a popping noise when it hasn't been opened for around 10 - 30 mins when its finally opened
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Add a vodka or a wine bottle that makes a popping noise when it hasn't been opened for around 10 - 30 mins
and have a cork fly off maybe

It would be funny if players explode when they drink too much at once.

could i add mentos with the soda

There was an update that I sent over on Blockland Glass that should fix an issue where players had infinite drinks. I also moved a piece of script that I included in every .cs to the main server.cs so it didn't keep overwriting itself. Dunno when that's gunna go through.

Temporary lockdown just incase the forum Self Delete happens to spread over here.

Nice Design on the Add-On

I can finally have a drinking problem inside of a game. Hooray!