Author Topic: Square Society in Concert: 5 August @ 9:00 PM EST  (Read 1013 times)

Square Society is performing live music on Friday, August 5th at about 9 PM EST. All are invited. We have an assortment of keyboards, sequencers, and samplers which we used to make music. Specialized lighting and color changes set the mood.

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make a video pls! i cant be on atm

we need a crowd surfing addon

I'm very impressed with the orchestration of only default sounds

We were thrilled by the reception of those in attendance last night. It was our first live performance and so some points were rough; we are streamlining our approach with better sounds, a cleaner layout, and the knowledge we've gained. With that in mind, we are hosting another concert this Friday, August 5th. A new performance hall has been built with a compact, less cluttered stage.

i'll have to try to remember the date so i can see this in action, it sounds like a cool idea.

looks like a pretty cool event! i wish i could attend the next one. live music in bl was always a cool idea to me. i actually built a functioning launchpad once that could mix songs in bl live for that purpose but i never got good enough to perform :(

I recommend you both stop by! We're using some launchpad-like things in the form of .ogg sampling, mostly relying on sequencers though. We've also made some major changes to the venue, and created a redesigned dancefloor animation system that allows us to sequence pretty complex patterns and light behaviors. So that will be a super cool change to see!

I hope afterwards we can see some behind the scenes stuff.

We'll also be hosting the build occasionally on off hours, usually at my server. You can stop in and hear us write music, practice, or check out the equipment.

Hey folks! We are going live in an hour and a half. Stop by ahead of the show for sound check and bantz.

Concert prep is starting now. Last chance to join if you wanna catch the beginning!

That sure was... Something.

forget i missed it

will you guys host again?